Bezoar as a cause of gastric perforation in young female patient: A case report.

Palwasha Gul, Islah Ud Din, Nosheen Kanwal,


  • Palwasha Gul Fellow body imaging, Shaukat Khanum memorial hospital and research center Lahore.
  • Islah ud Din Consultant Radiologist, Shaukat Khanum memorial hospital and research center Lahore.
  • Nosheen Kanwal Radiology resident, Shaukat Khanum memorial hospital and research center Lahore.



pneumoperitoneum, bezoar, gastric


Introduction: Bezoars are rare accumulations of indigestible contents within the gastrointestinal tract. These are commonly found in patients with previous psychiatric illness, learning disabilities and gastric surgery. Computed tomography (CT) is non invasive imaging modality of choice as it can not only diagnose but recognize associated complications as well.

Case discussion: We present a case of young 16 years old female who presented with nausea,  dull abdominal pain and  distension. She underwent Contrast enhanced CT scan and was diagnosed as a case of gastric bezoar with gastric perforation and frank pneumoperitoneum.  Patient underwent exploratory laparotomy and repair of stomach. Per operative findings were consistent with trichobezoar. Patient recovered well after surgery.

Discussion: Bezoar is accumulation of partially digested foreign material in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Bezoar can occur in any part of GIT, however, are most common in stomach. Muliple risk factors are recognized however can occur without risk factor. Bezoars are classified into several main types. Proper clinical history, examination and imaging can play important role in its diagnosis.

Conclusion: Non specific abdominal pain in young female patients with psychiatric disorder can result from uncommon causes such as bezoars and is important for clinician and radiologist to be aware of this uncommon entity.


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