About the Journal

Pakistan Journal of Surgery and Medicine (Pak J Surg Med) is defined by its unique stance on current research affairs. We share that enthusiasm, that readers and writers strive for, in education, clinical practice, research, and the public as well. This mission defines the work we publish with our content.

A true researcher goes beyond mundanity and seeks to investigate the extraordinary. PJSM’s Policy focuses on promoting “Original Research work” in Pakistan by:

  1. Discouraging plagiarized, false publications
  2. Creating that solo space for Pakistan-bred and International writers that raises the standards to excellence
  3. Preaching for universal healthcare and championing the wellbeing of medical professionals
  4. Improving the environmental and social determinants of health education
  5. Improving the outcome of research methodologies today
  6. Providing a space for upcoming researchers and authors in the process

While we achieve these goals and set new milestones daily, we commit to being highly accountable and transparent in all our proceedings. Publishing with us will give writers excellent outcomes like “Citation Based Research.” Our scope is enlisted in the “Author Instructions,” however, our “Original Articles” aim to be unique and thought-provoking, having novel ideas instilled. While our “Case Studies are exemplary due to their findings that have been rare cases in published literature.

PJSM can be an avenue for wide audiences, an editorial hub for current affairs, an international research journal, or also a trusted friend! Whatever PJSM means to you, our mission is blanketed with full transparency. Join us today in our publishing avenues and create a unique world, one for all.
Publish or Perish.