COVID-19: Pakistan’s Preparedness and response


  • Sahrish Khan Department of Biotechnology, Quaid e Azam University, Islamabad 46000, Pakistan
  • Atiq ur Rahman DHQ Hospital Layyah
  • Muhammad Imran



COVID-19, Pakistan’s Preparedness, SARS-COV, MERS-COV


At the end of December 2019 in the Wuhan City of China, a novel coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak has been proclaimed. Several cases have arisen in other cities of China. It spread simultaneously worldwide in 209 countries of Europe, Australia, America, Asia, and Pakistan. Mortality is high; millions of people have been affected while cases are rapidly increasing in the world. Different controlling strategies have been adopted for COVID-19. Pakistan took rigorous measures like the hospital, specific laboratories for testing, centres for quarantine, awareness campaign, Ehsaas Emergency Cash Programme and lockdown for controlling this virus. There is no antiviral and vaccine based treatment only preventive measures are taken.


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