Convalescent plasma and covid-19: Meta-analysis of a century-old technique


  • Shehar Bano Fatima Jinnah Medical University
  • Saffa Tareen Fatima Jinnah Medical University
  • Hafiza Hussain Fatima Jinnah Medical University
  • Aleena Khan Jinnah Hospital Lahore
  • Maryam Salman Fatima Jinnah Medical University
  • Kitson Deane Woodhull Medical and Mental Health Center



COVID-19, COVID19 serum therapy, SARS-CoV-2


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Bano, S. ., Tareen, S., Hussain, H. ., Khan, A. ., Salman, M. ., & Deane, K. . (2021). Convalescent plasma and covid-19: Meta-analysis of a century-old technique. Pakistan Journal of Surgery and Medicine, 1(4), e298.